Athletic & Outdoor Connect

AO Connect is a group that helps Portland State students tap into the city's thriving athletic and outdoor industry.
I worked with them to develop a voice and identity that has allowed them to more effectively engage with both PSU students, and professionals working in the community.


The Mark

The primary goal of this design process was to create something that falls within the visual languages of both sports and outdoor recreation. The second challenge was making sure the mark appeals to both college students and industry professionals. 
The bold, easily deconstructed structure of this mark fits in with athletic and outdoors aesthetics, and also lays the foundation for an extremely flexible system.


The System

The entire identity was designed with practicality and flexibility in mind. AO Connect is a group run 100% by students, so all of their promotional materials are designed to take advantage of free resources. Everything is built around simple templates that require no design experience to update, and absolutely no production beyond clicking 'print'.


The Result

Since adopting this new system in 2017, AO Connect has rapidly grown into the third largest student-run organization at PSU. They've been able to reach larger audiences on campus, and their cohesive identity has allowed for a more legitimate presence in the professional community.


Check out the full brand guide here.