Drew Martin

This is a personal identity for Portland-based photographer & interdisciplinary artist Drew Martin. Check out more of his amazing work at drewmartin.studio


The Mark

Drew needed a brand to promote his photography, but he didn't want to brand himself as a photographer. Rough. Knowing that any direct photo iconography was entirely out of the question, we explored aspect ratios and positive/negative relationships and landed on a design that plays with the core elements of image making without defaulting to apertures and camera silhouettes.




Drew is all about distancing himself from his work. We really tried to embraced that throughout his visual identity. The palette is taken directly from discontinued film packaging, we put as little copy as we could get away with on all of his deliverables, and even the promotional materials abstract his work to fully embrace the ambiguity. The lack of voice became the voice of Drew's brand.

IMG_7565 2.JPG
IMG_7578 2.JPG

The Leave Behind

The primary self-promotional tool I put together for Drew is a set of miniature portfolios. Drew's work, while experimental, is heavily influenced by his roots in film photography. Each leave-behind portfolio features 10 images printed in full color on a heavy velum, fully self-contained in a branded film roll.